Perfect World Games promote Chinese culture going abroad

Hongkong – – On August 24, 2019, Perfect World Games, a global developerpublisher and operator of games, end its trip at Gamescom in cologne, Germany. As the world’s top game exhibition and the largest game exhibition in Europe, Gamescom has attracted the participation of mainstream game companies from many countries around the world, leading the new trend of the global game industry.

Perfect World Games show its charm with products at Gamescom


In order to enhance the influence of Beijing game brand in Europe, and promote Beijing game publishing abroad, Perfect World Games appeared with a number of game products, such as Forsaken World, Unruly Heros, Dreamscape, Dream Albireo, The Condor Heroes, New Swordsman, New Jade Dynasty, ReEvolve .etcs. which received high attention at the exhibition. Lu Xiaooyin, Serving as the President of Perfect World and CEO of Perfect World Games said at the Beijing Games Release conference that game is in fact a carrier of culture. Game has played a major role in carrying Chinese’s culture.

Lu Xiaoyin( Left 7), the President of Perfect World and CEO of Perfect World Games

As one of the earliest cultural and creative enterprises to go abroad, Perfect World Games has developed into global resource integration from the initial authorized export, independent operation and local production through more than ten years of cultivation, and has achieved “global production, global distribution and global partners”.


At 2019 Gamescom, Perfect World Game appeared with many high-quality game products, covering MMORPG, action and so on. A variety of types such as western fantasy, XianXia etc., for example, the New Swordsman, which obtains Kongfu culture. Culture is not only the treasure house of Chinese games, but also the new starting point of Chinese game globalization. It is undoubtedly an important way to tell a good Chinese story and let more people have a comprehensive understanding of China.


Perfect World Games show its charm with products at Gamescom


As an important representative in the field of digital culture and innovation in China, games have become an important carrier for Chinese culture to spread overseas. By means of the express train of the biggest game festival in Europe, games can radiate to Europe and even the whole world, and Chinese traditional culture can better reach the global youth group.

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